Origin: Ancient Germanic

Meaning: from Germanic elements fardi (journey) and nand (daring, brave) essentially meaning "dangerous/brave journey"; alternatively, the first part of the name could be derived from Germanic frið meaning "peace".

Ferdi/Ferdy is a short form of the name.

Masculine variants: 

  • Fernand (French)
  • Fernando (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Ferdinando (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)
  • Ferran (Catalan)
  • Ferdynand (Polish)
  • Ferdinánd, Nándor (Hungarian)
  • Fernão (Portuguese)
  • Hernando, Hernán, Nando (Spanish)

Feminine forms: 
  • Ferdinanda (Italian, German)
  • Fernanda (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)
  • Fernande (French)


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