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Origin: Swahili (East African), Welsh, English, Arabic, Basque, Hawaiian, Greek

نايا‎‎ (Arabic)

Meaning: a very multicultural name with many meanings. The most common I keep seeing is that it is a variant spelling of Nia which could be from Swahili meaning "purpose", "will", or "resolve"; a Welsh form of Irish Niamh meaning "bright"; or it could be a short form of Antonia (the feminine form of Anthony, meaning unknown) or Natalia (meaning "Christmas day").

Naya is also an Arabic feminine name derived from Persian nay or ney, referring to a musical instrument also known as saz.

It could also be a variant spelling of Naia, a Basque name meaning "wave, sea foam".

It could also be a variant spelling of Hawaiian Nai'a, the Hawaiian word for "dolphin".

And lastly, Naya could be a variant of Naida, from Greek Naiad which refers to a type of water nymph in Greek mythology; the name means "to flow" or "running water".

Variants: Naia, Naiyah