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Link to my old blog

I've come over from wordpress from A Blog of Characters. The link to is is pasted below. I'm looking forward to seeing how Blogger works out for me and hopefully I'll post even more names. For anyone curious, I'm not sure if I'll repost some of the names I've already written it about (though I have a suspicion I might, since I'm starting anew, so to speak).


  1. Here is a belated welcome to blogspot now, lol! I went the round about way to get to your new blog as my computer wouldn’t let me link up when I hit on your name when you commented about me reaching my 1000th post on my Character Names Galore blog however my cell phone would and I knew who it was commenting and found your new blogspot blog through your wordpress blog, lol! Anyway I replied on my blog but my reply I will also put below this.

    Ah thanks so much for the congratulations! And I too hope as you put it have a greater name journey from here on out! :~)

    Greater Name Journey would be an amazing name for a blog BTW, lol!

    I can’t wait to explore some of your new posts on this blog! Again Welcome to Blogspot! Also I like the background picture as it reminds me of myself, and no I am not a mermaid, lol, rather a great reader who loves the ocean and always has a cat on my lap even now, lol! :~)

    1. Thanks! And I agree, Greater Name Journey would make a great name for a blog.

      I'm glad you like the background picture :) I came across it on Pinterest and I found the link to its site which I posted below if you want to check it out. It's really very nice.


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