Origin: French

Meaning: There doesn't seem to be an exact meaning behind the name, and I've been looking. It could be a variant form of Dugarry, a French surname referring to someone from a town called Le Garry, or perhaps from another habitational surname, Duguay, referring to someone from a place called Dugay. 

I've also seen it as possibly being related to a French masculine name, Degaré, from French égaré, meaning "strayed, lost", but I can't verifiy the accuracy of that. 

I've also seen it as hybrid of Douglas and Raymond, meaning "dark" and "advice" respectively, and I guess if you wanted to combine the two names together it could be, but the most well-known bearer of the name is Scottish actor Dougray Scott; Dougray is actually his middle name, which was his grandmother's maiden name, and that she was French.

  • Dougary


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