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Origin: Hebrew, Russian, Sanskrit, Polynesian, Latin, Greek, Basque

Meaning: I thought Ira would be an easy name to profile but as it turns out, it actually has quite a bit of background. It is a masculine Hebrew name meaning "watchful", pronounced eye-rah.

It's also a Russian feminine diminutive of Irina, a cognate of Irene meaning "peace"- it's pronounced EE-rah.

It also seems to be a Sanskrit unisex name. As a masculine name it means "wind" while as a feminine name it means "speech", "comfort", "earth", "refreshment", "water", "enjoyment"; it seems to have some usage in Hindu mythology, being an epithet of the goddess Saraswati.

Ira is also the name of a Polynesian sky goddess, but I couldn't find a meaning behind the name.

Ira is also the Latin word for "wrath".

Ira is also the modern Greek form of Hera (prnounced EE-rah), which is of uncertain meaning but could mean "hero, warrior", "period of time", or "to be chosen".

It's also a Basque surname meaning "bracken" or "fern".