Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: from Hebrew Yehonatan, a contracted form of Yonatan meaning "Yahweh has given" or "Yahweh gives".

In the Old Testament, Jonathan is the name of Saul's oldest son who was a close friend of King David, his father's rival, though there are several minor figures in the Bible with the same name.

Nicknames: Jon, Jonny, Nate, Nathan, Jonty

  • Yehonatan (Hebrew)
  • Yonatan (Hebrew)
  • Jonathon (English)
  • Johnathon (English)
  • Jonatan (Spanish, Swedish, German, Danish, Norwegian)
  • Ionathan (Biblical Latin)
  • Yoni (Hebrew diminutive of Yonatan)
  • Gionata (Italian)
  • Jônatas (Portuguese)
  • Ionatán (Irish)
  • Jónatan (Icelandic)


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