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Origin: Hebrew, Sumerian

Meaning: a short name for names like Giannino (a diminutive of Giovanni, the Italian form of John meaning "Yahweh is gracious") and Antonino (the Italian form of Antoninus, from a Roman family name of unknown meaning, though it has Etruscan roots. It could also possibly have Greek roots, possibly meaning "priceless one" or it could be derived from Latin antius meaning "chief, leader"; or it could be related to the town of Antium in Latium, or Latin ante meaning "before", perhaps referring to a premature child).

 It could also be a nickname for Konstantinos, the Greek form of Constantine meaning "constant, steadfast"; or any name ending in -nino

Nino is also a Georgian feminine name (also known as Nina), possibly the feminine form of Ninos or Ninus possibly derived from Nineveh, an ancient Assyrian city which might have derived its name from the Sumerian goddess of fertility, Nina, whose name possibly means "water lady" or "lady of the water" from nin (lady) and a (water). Nino is a popular name in Georgia due to Saint Nino, who converted much of Georgia to Christianity. 

Nino is also the spanish word for "boy" from niño. 


  • Ninos
  • Ninus 

Feminine forms:
  • Nina