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Origin: Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, Sanskrit, Gaelic

Meaning: a Hebrew masculine name meaning "placed" or "appointed". In the Bible, Seth is the thirdborn son of Cain and Abel born after the death of Abel.

Seth is also the name of an Ancient Egyptian god of chaos, destruction and the desert (also known as Set), the Greek form of Egyptian Sutekh possibly meaning "pillar" or "dazzle".

Seth is also a surname of Indian origin derived from Sanskrit possibly meaning "merchant" or "banker"; Sethi is another variant of the surname.

It's also a Gaelic surname, the Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Sithigh meaning "descendant of Sitheach", Sitheach being a given name meaning "wolf".

  • Zeth (English)
  • Shet (Hebrew)
  • Set (Ancient Egyptian)
  • Sutekh (Ancient Egyptian)

Feminine forms:
  • Setha 
  • Sethy 
  • Sethe