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Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: from Hebrew Avshalom meaning "father is peace" from Hebrew elements av (father) and shalom (peace).

In the Old Testament, Absalom is the third son of King David described as a handsome man who rebelled against his father and was killed in battle, apparently when his long hair was caught in the boughs of a tree as his horse was riding beneath it and was killed by Joab, the king's commander.

As a surname, the name came about as a nickname for long hair.

  • Absolon (French)
  • Akseli (Finnish)
  • Axel (German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)
  • Aksel (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Avshalom (Hebrew)
  • Abessalom (Biblical Greek)
  • Apsolon (Medieval English)
  • Abselon (Medieval English)