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Origin: Greek

Meaning: from Greek Stephanos meaning "crown, wreath", and more literally "that which surrounds or encompasses". The word was used in Ancient Greece for a crown of a winner in games or war.

Nicknames: Steve, Stevie

  • Stephanos (Greek)
  • Stefanos (Greek)
  • Stephen 
  • Stephan 
  • Stefen
  • Steffen (Low German, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch)
  • Stefan (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian)
  • István (Hungarian)
  • Etienne (French)
  • Esteban (Spanish)
  • Estevan (Spanish)

Feminine forms:
  • Stephanie
  • Stefanie
  • Stefani 
  • Stefania 
  • Stephania 
  • Stephana