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Halya, Halia, Hali'a

Origin: Ukrainian, Greek, Hawaiian

Meaning: From what I could find, Halya seems to be the Ukrainian form of Helen, the English form of Greek Helene probably derived from Greek ‘ελενη (helene) meaning “torch” or “corposant” or possibly related to Greek σεληνη (selene) meaning “moon”.

Halya could also be a variant spelling of Halia, a Greek feminine name meaning "briny". It's the name of a sea-nymph in Greek mythology, who lived on the island of Rhodes and was a lover of the sea god Poseidon. When her sons refused to allow Aphrodite to land on the island, she drove them into a madness that caused them to rape their own mother. Ashamed, Halia threw herself into the sea in suicide while her sons were banished to the dark caves below the island. It was believed by the people of Rhodes that Halia was reincarnated as the sea goddess Leukothea (meaning "white goddess", though Leukothea has been associated with the human princess Ino. 

Hali'a is also a Hawaiian name and word meaning "fond remembrance" or "cherished memory".

  • Halia (Greek)
  • Hali'a (Hawaiian)