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Origin: Japanese, English

香 (Japanese)- Tamika "many beautiful fragrance"

子 (Japanese)- Tamiko "many beautiful child"

田実子 (Japanese)- Tamiko "bountiful harvest child"

Meaning: a Japanese feminine name meaning "many beautiful fragrance" from ta 多 (many), mi 美 (beautiful), and ka 香 (fragrance).

I've also seen sites claiming that Tamika is a modern American coinage, perhaps derived from Tamiko, also a Japanese feminine name meaning "many beautiful child" though I've also seen it listed as meaning "child of the people" or "bountiful harvest child" depending on the kanji used. There could also be other meanings depending on the kanji.

Tamika could also be an elaborated form of Tamar with the -ika ending meaning "palm tree" or "date palm tree".

  • Tameka