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Origin: Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian

Meaning: the Hebrew form of Aaron possibly meaning "high mountain" or "exalted", though it seems more likely that it comes from an Egyptian origin whose meaing has long since been lost. However, according to Wiktionary, it's likely related to an Ancient Egyptian aha rw meaning "warrior lion" although considering it's the only source I've found that lists it so, I don't know how accurate that is. Even so, that does sound like an awesome meaning.

Aaron was the older brother of Moses whose rod produced miracles.

  • Aaron (English, Hebrew)
  • Arron (English)
  • Aaren (English)
  • Aerin (English)
  • Aron (Polish, Croatian, Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic)
  • Haroun (Arabic)
  • Harun (Arabic, Turkish, Bosnian)
  • Haroon (Urdu) 
  • Aarón (Spanish)
  • Áron (Hungarian)