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Origin: Turkish, Korean, Albanian

보라 (Korean)

Meaning: a Turkish masculine name meaning "storm, squall", related to Greek Boreas, the Greek god of the north wind. Bora is a northern to north-eastern wind in the Adriatic.

It's also a Korean feminine name meaning "purple" though there could be other meanings depending on the hanja used. 

Bora is an Albanian feminine name meaning "snow", derived from the Albanian word borë. 

Bora is also an Indian surname of unknown meaning.

Bora Bora is the name of an island, derived from Tahitian Pora pora mai the pora meaning "created by the gods". Abbreviated to Pora Pora, meaning "firstborn", the p became a b when British explorer James Cook mishead it as Bora Bora. 

I've also seen it listed as a diminutive form of Borbála, the Hungarian form of Barbara, or Barbora, the Czech form of Barbara, meaning "foreign" from Greek barbaros. 


  • Bo-ra (Korean)
  • Borah (Indian)