Origin: Norwegian, Finnish, Indian, Old Norse

Meaning: a Norwegian feminine name, the short form of Katarina, a cognate of Katherine, which has several possible meanings: “pure, chaste” from the Greek katharos; or it could come from hekateros, “each of the two; singly”; or from Greek aikia meaning “torture”. It could also be a Coptic name meaning “my consecration of your name”. 

Kari is also a Finnish masculine form of Greek Macarius meaning "blessed, happy", as well as also being a Finnish surname possibly meaning "small island", "stony rapids", "sandbar", or "rocky place in a field".

It's also an Indian surname of unknown meaning.

In Norse mythology, Kári is the Norse god of the wind and the son of Fornjót, an ancient frost giant, and the brother of Aegir (lord of the seas) and Logi (a fire giant).

Kari has two pronounciations: care-ee or kah-ree.


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