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Belina could be the Italian and Gascon form of Béline, either a nickname for Isabelle, which comes from Elizabeth, the English form of Hebrew Elisheva, meaning "my God is an oath" or "my God is abundance"; or it could come from Belle, both a short form of Isabelle as well as the French word for "beautiful, beauty". 

Belina could also be a variant form of Belinda, a name of unknown meaning though the first part of the name could be derived from French belle (beautiful) while the second part of the name could be from Germanic element lind (serpent, dragon, snake) or lindi (soft, tender, or linden tree) so essentially the meaning could be "beautiful snake" or "beautiful serpent" or "beautiful soft, tender" or "beautiful linden tree".

Origin: Hebrew, Germanic 

  • Belinda (English)
  • Béline (French)