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Gemina could be a variant of Gemini, a Latin name meaning "twins". Gemini is a constellation, representing the twins Castor and Pollux from Greek myth, one the son of the god Zeus and the other a human king but born from the same mother. Gemini is also a zodiac sign, from May 21st to June 20th, and those born under it are inventive, sociable, and charismatic, but also moody and indecisive. 

Gemina could also be the Italian form of Jemina, a variant form of Jemima meaning "dove", however I've also seen the name as possibly being related to yemamah meaning "day" and essentially meaning "bright as the day" since the Hebrew word yonah (given name Jonah) is used to describe a dove. 

It could also be an elaborated form of Gem, derived from Latin gemma meaning "precious jewel, gem". 

Origin: Latin, Hebrew


  • Jemina 
  • Gemma (Latin, English)
  • Jemima (Hebrew)