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Moving Again...

I haven't posted anything here in the last three weeks although I have been posting on another blog. To be honest, for the last few months I've been debating whether Blogger really was a good fit for me.  I originally had a name blog on Wordpress before moving to Blogger roughly nine months ago and as  much as I've liked Blogger, I've decided to go back to Wordpress, although I've decided not to go to my old blog but start a new one. I've also decided to delete this blog (as well as my old one) by the end of the week. I feel bad about this because it's the third time I've decided to start a new name blog
and between the two I've written well over 1600 names- 1,648 to be exact. But part of me doesn't mind. I guess part of being a name lover is obsessively going back to the names you already know, and I do enjoy going back to the research and looking up the etymology behind names.

Anyway, as this is my last post on Blogger, I just wanna say it was an enjoyable time and very fruitful as well :)