Sebastian comes from Latin Sebastianus meaning "from Sebaste", Sebaste being a city in Asia Minor (in what is now modern day Turkey). The name is derived from Greek sebastos meaning "venerable, august, exalted", based on the title given to Roman emperors.

Some nicknames for Sebastian are: Bastian and Bastien (French) which can also be used as given names in their own right.

Sebastian is also a surname.

Origin: Greek


  • Sabastian (English)
  • Sebastianus (Late Roman)
  • Bastian (English)
  • Bastien (French)
  • Sebastijan (Slovene, Croatian)
  • Sebastiaan (Dutch)
  • Sébastien (French)
  • Sebestyén (Hungarian)
  • Sebastiano (Italian)
  • Sebastião (Portuguese)
  • Sevastian (Russian)
  • Sevastyan (Russian)
  • Sebastjan (Slovene)
  • Sebastián (Spanish)

Female forms:
  • Sébastienne (French)
  • Sebastiana (Italian)
  • Bastiana 
  • Sebastia 


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