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Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: Tiffany is an English medieval form of Theophania, the feminine form of Theophanes, an Ancient Greek name meaning "manifestion of God" from Greek elements theos (god) and phaino (to appear, to show, to cause to appear, to reveal).

Tiffany was usually given to girls born on the Epiphany (also called Theophany) and could even be viewed as a variant of Epiphany since both come from the same root word and have a similar meaning.

As well as being a female given name, Tiffany is also a surname derived from the same source.

  • Tiffani (English)
  • Tiffanie (English)
  • Tiffiny (English)
  • Tiphaine (French)
  • Tiphanie (French)
  • Theophania (Ancient Greek)
  • Theofania (Modern Greek)
  • Feofaniya (Russian, Ukrainian)

Male forms:
  • Theophanes (Ancient Greek)
  • Theofanis (Modern Greek)
  • Feofan (Russian)