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Charis is the feminine form of Chares which is derived from Greek charis meaning "grace, kindness, gratitude, loveliness".

In Greek mythology, Charites (the plural form of Charis, also known as the Graces in Roman myth) are three goddesses of grace, beauty, charm, human creativity, mirth, joy, dance, and song. Some of the Charites are Aglaia (godess of beauty, glory, and adornment), Euphrosyne (goddess of mirth, good cheer, jory and merriment), and Thalia (goddess of festivity and banquets) though there have been other Graces mentioned, many of them minor.

Origin: Greek

  • Charissa (English)
  • Carissa (English)
  • Karissa (English)
  • Caris (English)
  • Haris (Modern Greek)

Male forms:
  • Chares (Ancient Greek)
  • Chariton (Ancient Greek)
  • Khariton (Russian)
  • Haris (Modern Greek)