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Dace is the name any various small freshwater fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae, especially the common dace (Leuciscus leuciscus). The name comes from Middle English dace or darce via Old French dars, a nominitive form of dart which is of Germanic origin meaning "dart, spear" from Proto-Germanic *darothuz, used to refer to its swiftness in the water.

Dace is also a nickname for Candace, a hereditary title used by Ethiopian queens, its meaning unknown though it's acquired the meaning of "queen mother".

Dacey could also be an Irish surname derived from Gaelic deas meaning "south" though I've also seen it listed as possibly coming from O'Dorchaidhe meaning "descendant of Dorchaidhe", the latter from dorcha meaning "dark", or from the surname Arcy, referring to someone who came from Arcy.

Dacey could also be the Anglicized form of Déiseach, a name for the Déise possible meaning "tenant, vassal" though it could also be related to deis meaning "right" or related to Gaelic deas meaning "south".

The name could also have come from Daw, a medieval form of David, a Hebrew name meaning "beloved".

Dace is also a Latvian feminine name, a short form of Doroteja (as well as being a given name in its right), the Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian, and Serbian form of Dorothea, from Greek Dorotheos meaning "gift of God" from Greek elements doron (gift) and theos (god).

Origin: Germanic, Ethiopian, Gaelic, Hebrew, Greek


  • Dacey 
  • Doroteja (Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Slovene)