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Gordan, Gordon

Gordan originates from South Slavic  gord meaning "dignified" or"proud" from Proto-Slavic good. I've also seen it as a surname, and it seems to have Arabic roots as well. When I put it in Google Translate, the meaning came up as "battalion" although I don't know how accurate that is. Gordan is pronounced like gor-dahn.

Gordon is a Scottish surname derived from a place name meaning "spacious fort" from Welsh elements gor (spacious) and din (fort) though I've also seen it listed as possibly being derived from Gallo-Roman personal name Gordus with the locational suffix -on though I couldn't find anything behind the name Gordus. Gordon is pronouced gor-den.

Nicknames for Gordon are Gord and Gordy/Gordie while Danko is the Croatian and Serbian diminutive of Gordan.

Origin: Slavic, Welsh

  • Gorden (English)

Female forms:
  • Gordana (Slavic)