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Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: a Hebrew masculine name meaning "father of many" or "father of multitudes"; it could also be a contraction of given name Abram meaning "high father" with hamon meaning "many, multitude".

Abraham is probably one of the well-known figures in the Bible, the founding father of Judaism and of Christianity and Islam through his descendants. Or

Nicknames: Abe, Bram

  • Avraham (Hebrew)
  • Ibrahim (Arabic)
  • Ebrahim (Arabic, Persian)
  • Ibraheem (Arabic)
  • Ibragim (Chechen, Ossetian)
  • Aabraham (Finnish)
  • Aapo (Finnish)
  • Abraam (Biblical Greek, Georgian)
  • Ábrahám (Hungarian)
  • Abramo (Italian)
  • Abraão (Portuguese)
  • İbrahim (Turkish)
  • Ibrahima (West African)
  • Abram (Russian, Georgian, Hebrew, English)
  • Avram (Hebrew)
  • Avrum (Yiddish)