Origin: Greek, Finnish, German, Dutch

Meaning: the feminine form of Timon, a Greek masculine name meaning "honor, esteem". It could also be a short form of Timothea, the feminine form of Timotheus meaning "to honor God" or "honoring God".

Timo is also the Finnish, German, and Dutch form of Timothy, the English form of Greek Timotheus meaning "honoring God" to "to honor God" from Greek timao (to honor) and theos (God).

Timo is also the German and Dutch form of Thiemo, a short form of Thietmar (or Dietmar) meaning "famous people" from Germanic elements theud (people) and meri (famous).

Male forms:
  • Timon (Greek)
  • Thiemo (German, Dutch)
  • Timotheus (Greek)
  • Timothy

Feminine forms:
  • Timothea 


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