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Origin: English, French, Gaelic, German

Meaning: from an occupational surname meaning "to torment" from Old English tucian, referring to someone who softens woven clothes by beating and tramping them in water; it later gained the meaning of "to tuck" or "to fold".

It could also be derived from French tout-coeur, a nickname meaning "all heart" given to someone who was brave or generous- or a sarcastic name given to someone who's the opposite.

Tucker could also be an Anglicized form of Ó Tuchair, a Gaelic surname meaning "descendant of Tuachar", the latter possibly meaning "beloved people" or "dear people" from Gaelic elements tuath (people) and car (dear, beloved). 

Tucker is also a form of German surname Tucher, an occupational name for a merchant or cloth-maker meaning "cloth" from Middle High German tuch.

Nicknames: Tuck

  • Tooker
  • Tokker
  • Toker