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Origin: Latin, Irish

Meaning: a Roman cognomen of Lucanus, referring to someone "from Lucania", an ancient city in southern Italy. The name itself could be derived from Greek leukos meaning "white" or "bright, shining", a cognate of Latin lux (light) or it could be derived from Latin word lucus (a cognate of lucere meaning "shining, bright") meaning "sacred wood".

I've also seen it as possibly being derived from Greek lykos meaning "wolf".

Lucan is also a place name in Ireland, an Anglicized form of Leamhcán derived from Gaelic leamhán (elm) and ceann (headland or point) meaning "place of the elms).

Lucan is the name of a character in the Arthurian legend, a knight of the Round Table, as well as Butler of the royal court.

  • Lucanus (Ancient Roman)
  • Loukanos (Greek)