Origin: Russian

Артём (Russian)

Meaning: the Russian form of Artemios, a Greek name derived from Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon and hunt. The etymology behind Artemis is uncertain though there are several sources it could be derived from such as Greek aretmes meaning "safe, sound" or "uninjured"; or Greek artemia  meaning "recovery" from Greek artios (complete, perfect of its kind); or artamos meaning "butcher".

It's also been linked with Greek arktos meaning "bear", although it's very likely that the origins of Artemis are pre-Greek.

It might also be related to Persian arte, art, arta meaning "great, excellent, holy".

  • Artemios (Russian)
  • Artem (Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian)
  • Artemiy (Russian)
  • Artemius 
  • Artemio (Spanish, Italian)
  • Artjoms (Latvian)


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