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Origin: Germanic, French

Meaning: the Norman-French form of Wido, from Ancient Germanic element witu meaning "wood" or wit meaning "wide".

It's also an Englishs surname, most likely used as an occupational name for a professional guide from Old French gui(e) meaning "to guide".

Guy could also be an Anglicized form of Gai, a Hebrew name meaning "valley" or "ravine", as well as being an English word referring to a man or a boy.

In English, Guy is pronounced GIE (like Gai) while in French it's pronounced GEE.

  • Wido (Ancient Germanic)
  • Guido (Italian, German)
  • Wide (Frisian)
  • Vít (Czech, Slovak)
  • Vid (Slovene, Croatian, Hungarian)
  • Veit (German)