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Origin: Greek

Meaning: from Greek myrtos meaning "myrtle". 

Myrtle is a sacred plant to the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite because her lover Adonis was born from the myrtle (or from the myrrh tree depending on the version). Ancient Greeks and Romans used them in marriage ceremonies 

As a surname, Myrtle is probably a variant spelling of Martel, a diminutive of given name Martin, possibly derived from the name of the Roman god Mars, whose name might come from Latin mas meaning "male", or from an older source- perhaps from from Etruscan Maris (the god of fertility and agriculture) of unknown meaning. Mars could also be the contracted form of an older name, Mavors (or Mavort) which could come from Latin verb mah or margh (to cut) and vor (to turn), essentially meaning "turner of the battle"according to this link (Mars).

  • Myrto (Greek)
  • Myrtos (Greek)
  • Mirto (Greek)
  • Mirta (Croatian)
  • Myrthe (Dutch)
  • Mirthe (Dutch)
  • Myrsine 
  • Myrtilla

Male forms:
  • Myrtus (Greek)
  • Myrtos (Greek)