Origin: Irish, Gaelic, Old French, Welsh

Meaning: an Anglicized form of Bairre, a diminutive of either Fionnbharr meaning "fair hair" or Barrfhionn meaning "fair-headed" or "fair hair"; both names are composed of Irish elements barr (head) and fionn (white, fair).

Barry has also been used as an Anglicized form of Berach, another Irish name derived from Gaelic biorach meaning "sharp" or "spear-like"

It could also be derived from Old French barri meaning "rampart", which also applied to a settlement under the ramparts of a castle.

Barry (also spelled Barrie) also comes from a Welsh background, from a patronymic surname, ap Harry, meaning "son of Harry", though it could also be derived from Welsh bar meaning "bar", as in a bar of sand.

  • Barrie
  • Berry
  • Barri
  • Bairre (Irish)
  • Barra (Irish)
  • Berach (Irish)
  • Bearach (Irish)


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