Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: from Hebrew Mikha'el meaning "who is like God?", a rhetorical question implying there is no one like God.

The name of an archangel well-known in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions,  as well as several figures in the Bible.

Nicknames: Mike, Mikey, Mick, Mickey

  • Micheal (English)
  • Mikha'il (Arabic)
  • Mikkel (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Mikael (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish)
  • Mikhael (Biblical Greek)
  • Michel (French)
  • Mihail (Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek)

Feminine forms:
  • Michelle (French)
  • Michele (French)
  • Michaela 
  • Mikaela (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish)
  • Mikayla 
  • Mihaila (Macedonian)
  • Mihaela (Romanian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian)
  • Makayla
  • McKayla 


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