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Origin: Latin, Japanese, Greek

莉央 (Japanese) Rio "jasmine + center"

莉緒 (Japanese) Rio "jasmine + thread"

莉桜 (Japanese) Rio "jasmine + cherry blossom"

里央 (Japanese) Rio "village + center"

里緒 (Japanese) Rio "village + thread" 

里桜 (Japanese) Rio "village + cherry blossom"

Meaning: the Spanish and Portuguese word for "river" derived from Latin rivus (brook, stream). The city of Rio de Janeiro is the name of a city in Brazil.

Rio is also a Japanese feminine name with various meanings depending on the kanji used. It could mean jasmine center (莉央), jasmine thread (莉緒), jasmine cherry blossom (莉桜); or village center (里央), village thread (里緒), or village cherry blossom (里桜).

Rio is also the name of a town in Greece though the name is a short form of Rhion derived from Greek meaning "jutting part".

  • Ryo (a variant transcription of Spanish & Portuguese Rio, though it's also a Japanese masculine name as well)