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Origin: Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Latin

Meaning: a short form of names like Eliana (possibly a feminine form of Aeliana from Aelius, possibly meaning "sun" from Greek helios), Juliana (feminine form of Julian possibly derived from Greek ioulos meaning "downy-bearded" or it could be related to Jupiter meaning "heavenly father" or "sky father"); or Liliana, a form of Lillian either originating as a diminutive of Elizabeth meaning "my God is an oath" or "my God is abundance", though it could also be an elaborate form of Lily.

Liana is also the name for a type of long-stemmed wooded vines that grows in the jungle, derived from French lier from Latin ligo meaning "to bind".

  • Lianna 
  • Leanna 
  • Liane 
  • Lianne 
  • Lyanna 
  • Lyanne