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Origin: Old Norse

Meaning: an Anglicized form of Þýri, either a variant form of  Þórví, an Ancient Scandinavian feminine name derived from given Thor, the Norse of thunder whose name means "thunder" and ví, an Old Norse element meaning "holy" so essentially meaning "Thor is holy"or "holy Thor".

Þýri could also be a variant of Þórveig, a feminine name also derived from the name Thor and Old Norse element veig meaning "strength", so it means "Thor's strength" or "strength of Thor".

Tyra is also a surname, likely from Anglo-Saxon roots, perhaps related to given name Tyrell or Terrell, derived from Norman French tirel or tirer meaning "to pull" or "to draw", likely in reference to someone who was stubborn.

  • Thyra (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)
  • Tyri (Norwegian, Swedish)
  • Thyri (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)
  • Þýri (Ancient Scandinavian)
  • Þórví (Ancient Scandinavian)
  • Þórveig (Ancient Scandinavian)