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Origin: English, Old Norse

Meaning: it could be a feminine form of Dune, an English word referring to a sand hill formed by the wind in deserts or near coastal regions; the word itself comes from Middle Dutch dūne, which itself could possibly be derived from Gaulish dunum (hill) or from Proto-Celtic dunom (stronghold, rampart). 

Duna is also the Italian and Spanish word for dune.

Duna is also an Icelandic feminine name, a variant of Dúnna which is the feminine form of Dúnn from Old Norse meaning "eider-down", the name of a duck.

It's also the Hungarian name for the Danube river running through Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Dúnna
  • Dúna 
  • Dune 

Male forms:
  • Dúnn