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Origin: Latin

Meaning: from Latin gratia meaning "favor, kindness" and usually referring to qualities of elegance, pleasantness, charm, kindness, courteousness, and attractiveness.

I've also seen it listed as having originally been associated with Germanic element gris meaning "gray", though it was later eclipsed with Grace.

In Greek mythology, the Graces refers to the Charities, 3 goddessess of charm, beauty, grace, adornment, festivity, joy, mirth, dance and song.

Nicknames: Gracie

  • Gratia (Latin)
  • Grazia (Italian)
  • Graziella (Italian)
  • Graciela (Portuguese)
  • Gracia (Portuguese)

Masculine forms:
  • Gratian (Latin)
  • Gratianus (Latin)
  • Gratien (French)
  • Graziano (Italian)
  • Graciano (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Gracjan (Polish)