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Origin: Welsh

Meaning: a feminine name possibly derived from Welsh enaid meaning "soul, life".

Enid is a character in the Arthurian Romance, the wife of Geraint (Erec in some sources). She and Geraint meet when her family provide him with food and armor and fall in love, eventually marrying. However, rumors begin spreading that Geraint has gone soft, neglecting his knightly duties, and when she hears this Enid begins to cry, blaming herself. When Geraint finds her crying and wants to know what's wrong, he misunderstands her answer and thinks she has been unfaithful to him. As a result, Geraint makes her join him on a long and dangerous journey with the command that she not say a single word to him, which Enid disregards several times in order to warn him of danger. In the end, the couple reconcile and live happily ever after.

  • Enide
  • Enida 
  • Enyde 
  • Enyda 
  • Ened
  • Enit 
  • Enite
  • Ennyd 
  • Eneida (Portuguese)