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Origin: Akkadian, Greek

Meaning: from Akkadian possibly meaning "life of heaven" or "rainbow"; it was the Akkadian and Sumerian name for the Vega star.

Tiranna is also an Italian word, the feminine singular form of tiranno derived from Greek meaning "tyrant" or "tyrannical".

It could also be a variant spelling of Tirana, the name of the capital of Albania. There are several theories to the etymology behind the name, which could be derived from Greek Theranda or Terrana apparently coming from the term te ranat meaning "fallen material" in reference to the terrain being formed from solid materials washed down from the mountains. It could also be derived from Tirkan, the name of a castle on Mt. Dajt in Albania which dates back to the 1st century BC.

  • Tir-anna (Akkadian, Sumerian)
  • Tirana