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Origin: Irish, Khmer, Indian, Persian, Hebrew

Meaning: a name with multiple meanings and origins. It's an Irish masculine name derived from an Irish surname, Mac Dara, meaning "son of the oak tree"; it could also be an Anglicized form of Dáire meaning "fruitful, fertile". 

It's also a Khmer unisex name meaning "star", derived from Sanskrit.

Dara is also an Indian name and surname derived from old Persian Darayavahush, an old form of Darius meaning "to possess good", as well as being a Persian masculine name meaning "wealthy". 

Dara is a Hebrew unisex name meaning "mother of pearl", as well as deriving from a modern Hebrew word darah meaning "to live" and "to dwell". Dara is also found in the Bible, the name of a minor figure also known as Darda. 

Dara is also a word meaning "sleet" and "breeze" in Hungarian; "maiden" in Malay and Indonesian; "fine", "fair", and "good" in Yoruba.

Dara is also a place name, the name of a village in Lebanon and Syria known as Ain Dara. 

Masculine variants: 
  • Darach (Irish)
  • Daragh (Irish)
  • Darragh (Irish)