Origin: Greek, Aramaic

Meaning: the English form of Thaddaios, the Greek form of Aramaic Thaddai possibly derived from an Aramaic word meaning "heart". It could also be the Aramaic form of Greek Theodoros meaning "gift of God".

Thaddeus is also known as Jude, who was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.

Nicknames: Tad, Thad

  • Thaddaeus
  • Tadija (Croatian)  
  • Tadeáš (Czech, Slovak)
  • Taddeo (Italian)
  • Tadeo (Spanish)
  • Tadeu (Portuguese)
  • Tadeusz (Polish)
  • Tadas (Lithuanian)
  • Faddei, Faddey (Russian)
  • Tadej (Slovene)


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