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Origin: Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Indian, English

莉奈 (Japanese) Jasmine 

里菜 (Japanese) Village, vegetables, greens

莉菜 (Japanese) Jasmine, vegetables, greens

里奈 (Japanese) Village

רִינָה (Hebrew) Rinah

रीणा (Indian) Rina

Meaning: a Japanese feminine name from Japanese elements ri 莉 (jasmine) combined with the phonetic character na 奈 or na  (vegetables, greens) meaning "jasmine" or "jasmine, vegetables, greens"; or it could be from ri 里 (village) combined with the phonetic character 奈 or na 菜 (vegetables, greens) meaning "village" or "village, vegetables, greens". 

Depending on the kanji ri could also mean "benefit", "advantage", "logic", "reason", "truth" as well as other meanings. 

Rina is also a short form of names like Caterina (the Italian and Catalan form of Katherine which has several possible meanings: “pure, chaste” from the Greek katharos; or it could come from hekateros, “each of the two; singly”; or from Greek aikia meaning “torture”. It could also be a Coptic name meaning “my consecration of your name”), Sabrina (of unknown meaning); or Karina (the Scandinavian form of Katherine); or any names ending in -rina.

Rina is also a Hebrew name meaning "joy" or "song".

It's also an Indian name meaning "melted" or "dissolved".

It could also be a variant form of Rena, the Latinate form of René(e) meaning "born again".

  • Rinat (another form of Hebrew Rina)
  • Reena (Indian)
  • Rena