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Origin: English, Indian

जय (Hindi) Jay

जै (Hindi) Jai 

जया (Hindi) Jaya (feminine form)

जय (Hindi) Jaya (male form)

Meaning: from an English surname from old French jai derived from Latin gaius meaning "joyful, lively", given as a nickname to someone who was lively or liked to talk, like the jaybirds (which is where they got their names from).

Jay is also a nickname used for names beginning with J such as James (meaning "holder of the heel" or "supplanter"), Jason (a Greek name meaning "to heal") or Jane (the feminine form of John meaning "Yahweh is gracious").

Jay is also an Indian masculine name, the modern transcription of Jaya meaning "victory".

  • Jai (masculine form of Indian name Jay) It's pronounced jay, not jye. 
  • Jaya (unisex form of Indian name Jay) It's pronounced ja-ya.
  • Jaye