Origin: Hebrew, Arabic, Galician, Catalan, Japanese

נוֹיָה (Hebrew) Noyah

Meaning: a Hebrew feminine name meaning "divine beauty", from Hebrew unisex name Noy meaning "beauty".

It also seems to be an Arabic feminine name as well, meaning "beautiful" or "ornamented".

Noya is also a Galician habitational surname derived from a town called Noia in Galician, referring to someone from there. Spelled Noia, it's a Catalan surname, the truncated form of the Anoia river in Catalonia referring to someone who lived near it.

Noya also seems to be an uncommon Japanese surname with the meanings of "field" and "arrow" depending on the kanji used.

  • Noy (a unisex Hebrew name meaning "beauty"
  • Noia


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