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Origin: Finnish, Spanish, Japanese

Meaning: from Finnish seijas meaning "tranquil, serene, calm, clear".

Seija is a fairly modern name in Finnish, apparently inspired by a Roman goddess named Seia, who protects seeds sown into the earth; its creator, Yrjö Karilas, combined it with the Finnish word seijas and came up with Seija, which he used for his daughter in 1917. In 1924 a family friend wrote a book called The Story of Seija-girl which made the name more popular.

Seija is also a Spanish surname, a variant spelling of Ceja, which is a habitational surname. Seijas is also a variant spelling of the surname.

I also came across the name as belonging to a female character in a Japanese game meaning  "right and wrong" or "good and evil"  (正邪) though I have a feeling this name was created specifically for the character in this game

Seija is pronounced say-yah, the j being silent.