Origin: Hebrew, Sumerian, Assyrian, English

עֵילָם (Hebrew) Eilam

עולם (Hebrew) Elam

עילם (Hebrew) Elam

Meaning: a Hebrew masculine name possibly meaning "hidden", "eternity", "young man" or "always".

Elam is also the name of a pre-Iranian civilization in what is now Iran. The name itself comes from the Sumerian transliteration of elama or from Elamite haltamti which I've seen meaning "lord country", or perhaps from an Assyrian word meaning "light" or "highlands".

It's also an English surname derived from a locational place name, a village called Elham, from old English elements alor "alder", though it could also mean "eel" based on an abundance of eels around the area at the time; and ham meaning "homestead" or "farm".


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