Origin: Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, Catalan

愛菜 (Japanese) "love, affection + vegetables, greens"

Meaning: a Japanese feminine name meaning "love, affection + vegetables, greens", though there are likely other meanings depending on the kanji used.

Aina is also a Finnish and Swedish name, a variant of Finnish feminine name Aino, meaning "the only one". In the Finnish epic Kalevala, it's the name of a girl who drowns herself when she finds out she has to marry Väinämöinen, an old magician. Aina is also a Finnish word meaning "always".

It's also the Catalan form of Anna meaning "favor" or "grace".

Aina is also a Latvian name, the feminine form of Ainārs meaning "view, sight".

It's pronounced ah-ee-nah or eye-nah.

  • Aino (Finnish)


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