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Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: a Hebrew name of uncertain meaning, though it has been linked to Mahlah, a unisex name in the Old Testament meaning "weak" or "sick".

It could also be derived from Mahalath, a feminine name meaning "lyre"; in the Old Testament, Mahalath is the daughter of Ishmael and the wife of Esau.

Mahala has also been used as a slang word for a Native American woman, coming from the Spanish word mujer meaning "woman", though I've also seen it listed as a Native American form of Mary although I don't know how too accurate that is.

  • Mahalia 
  • Mahalah (unisex)
  • Mahalath 
  • Mahlah (unisex)
  • Machalat 
  • Machlah (unisex)