Origin: Japanese, Breton, Korean

優奈 (Japanese) Yuna "gentle"

菜 (Japanese) Yuna "gentle + vegetables, greens"

夏 (Japanese) Yuna "citron, citrus fruit + summer" 

윤아 (Korean Hangul) 

Meaning: a multicultural name with many meanings. I've seen it as meaning "night" from the Ryukyu (Okinawan) dialect of Japanese.

It also has various other meanings depending on the kanji used, such as yuu "gentle" (優) combined witna (奈), a phonetic character, or na (菜) meaning "vegetables, greens", or yu "citron, citrus fruit"  柚 and na 夏 "summer".

I've also seen Yuna listed as a Breton feminine name possibly the Breton form of Una meaning "lamb" from Irish uan

Yuna is also a Korean feminine name, also spelled Yoona and Yoon-ah, meaning "sleek, soft + beautiful".

  • Yuuna (Japanese)
  • Yoona (Korean)
  • Yoon-ah (Korean)
  • Younha (Korean)
  • Yu-na (Korean)


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