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Origin: Russian, Greek, Gaelic, Indian, Polish, Hungarian, Hebrew

Meaning: a short form of Galina, the Russian and Bulgarian feminine form of Galenos, a Greek name meaning "calm".

Gala could also be derived from Greek Galatea from gala meaning "milk" or "milk white".

It's also a Gaelic surname derived from O Gallchobhair, the latter meaning "foreign help", as well as an Indian surname of unknown meaning, and a Polish and Hungarian surname derived from personal name Gal, the Slovene masculine form of Gallus, a Roman family name meaning "rooster".

Gala is also a Hebrew feminine form of Gal, a unisex name meaning "wave".

Gala is also an English word referring to something festive or a special occassion.

  • Galya (Russian diminutive of Galina)
  • Galene (Greek)
  • Galena (Bulgarian, Macedonian)
  • Galina (Russian, Bulgarian)
  • Halina (Polish)
  • Halyna (Ukrainian)
  • Galenos (Greek)
  • Galen (Greek, English)